Kubiak Enterprise provides the services you need to get you out of your timeshare contract. Our agents follow national timeshare industry law, contract law, bankruptcy law and general consumer protection law. A timeshare is difficult, but not impossible, to be cancelled. We have the resources and the expertise to get the job done. We are able to succeed where others may have failed. 



  • Document Preparation

  • Deed Recording

  • Resort Notification

  • Account Search

  • Property Tax Verification

  • Settlement Statement


» Documents Submitted: Client sends all requested documents to our office. Agents review all documents and begin preparing the appropriate documentation and/or correspondence.  

» Document Preparation: professionally draft the documentation necessary to cancel ownership.  

» Legal Demand: preparation of all documents on your behalf and send the demand letter to the timeshare resort for cancellation of ownership. 

» Timeshare Company Acceptance: Timeshare company receives the demand letter for your timeshare contract cancellation, and then communicates back to our agents.  

» Client Notification: Client is notified in writing of the initial progress after 90 days of submitting the required documents to our office. Another update is submitted after 180 days to report progress of file. We hope to be sending you as fast as possible a notification that states "Congratulations – You Are Out Of Your Timeshare!"