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Our agents have extensive experience with helping owners seek the resolution needed to relieve them of the contractual and financial obligations associated with being bound to a Timeshare contract agreement that no longer serves them. 

Our team is able to provide the specific support necessary to negotiate terms with some of the largest Timeshare and Resort developers in the world and we have the track record to prove it! Even if we have to sue your timeshare company, you WILL NOT be responsible for any additional legal fees. 


Did your Timeshare Salesperson: 

  • Present the membership offer to you for more than 90 minutes? 

  • Invite you to a free gift, trip, meal or event, which turned into a sales pitch? 

  • Tell you that the timeshare would go up in value over time? 

  • Claim that you could sell and/or rent your timeshare whenever you wish? 

  • Promise that they would buy it back from you if desired? 

Timeshare cancellation consulting


Our timeshare mortgage contract cancellation program was designed specifically for people that currently have a mortgage on their timeshare. If you have paid off your mortgage, then you would not qualify for this program, but you would likely qualify for our program known as the Timeshare Title Transfer Program to exit out of your timeshare.

Business Meeting


Our flat fee will cover all expenses required to terminate your timeshare guaranteed.

We will meet and beat any price guaranteed!


Often when timeshare owners are sold their timeshare, the sales staff will make misleading statements or false promises, and in many cases leave out important disclosures that you should have been told. When this happens, consumer protection laws are broken, giving you grounds for contract termination.

Other Things People are Told That are Grounds for Termination: Tax Benefits, 

Being told that one will receive tax benefits when purchasing a timeshare is highly illegal. Fees and Limitations

They promised you could go to an exchange and redeem vacations all over the world in exchange for your property, but failed to tell you about the fees and limitations. Fear and Intimidation

The sales staff used fear and intimidation to get you to purchase the timeshare.

Rescission Period. They failed to tell you of the mandatory 3-5 day rescission period. Applies in most states.

Gift: Refused to give your gift if you did not purchase a timeshare today.

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