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"We recently attended a Kubiak Enterprise seminar. The presentation was excellent and very informative. We were made aware of the pitfalls that can be attributed to personally attempting to withdraw from a timeshare. Most people don’t read or understand wording in the original contract at time of purchase. The lack of knowledge can follow you or your heirs for years to come. The importance of a permanent withdrawal cannot be overstated." | BBB

- Stan H.

"My husband and I are very grateful for the help provided by Patrick in unloading our time-shares. We had three and had tried several times to accomplish this but to no avail. However Patrick did it for us and we are most appreciative." | BBB

Thankfully, Trudi Beebe

"Dear Mr. Kubiak, Thank you for facilitating the ownership transfer of our two timeshares in Los Cabos, Mexico, both at the same time. The process went smoothly, exactly as you said it would. We are pleased to be no longer responsible for to costs associated with these, which we could no longer enjoy due to age and health reasons. Thank you again for your very professional assistance." | BBB


-David and Celia Andrews

Lincoln, Nebraska

FB post - Review.png

"I previously owned with Park Regency and am extremely happy I am OUT of my timeshare. I liked that Kubiak Enterprise made it easy. I definitely will recommend their services to friends and family in the future. It sounded too good to be true but
it was very much for real!" 

- Gale N.

"Very positive experience! I was VERY skeptical at first. However, they moved very quickly. In fact, it was completed faster than originally told. There was no back and forth. Everything happened exactly when and how they said it would. I am no longer stuck in my timeshare contract and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" | BBB

- Marla H.

"The good folks at Kubiak Enterprise did a great job in helping us
dispose of our timeshare.They operate in a very professional
manner and I would not hesitate
a minute to recommend them
to some one who has a timeshare that they no longer want." | BBB

- Tom B.

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